Monday, October 11, 2010

Andrea Barr < 3333333

Dear Andrea:

I miss you so much, where the hell did you go?
Did I ever tell you, that you’re my favourite ho?
I’m surrounded by TOO MANY normal people,
I’m considering making another kill bill sequel..

I really really want you, to come back
So go get ALL YO SHIT and begin to pack
I’ll meet you at the airport in 10 hours (your parents are driving lawl)
I’m even willing to buy you some pretty flowers

Where you’re here, you MAKE ME soooooo happy ☺
But now that your gone, you’ve made me feel crappy..
You ARE the left boob to my right boob
Fjsldkfjjfl;kafjs;fjkdlsafadjkd ice cube

I hope your having fun, with your new Danish friends
So much fun, that the fun never ends (lol NOT.. it’s going to end between July and August 2011 to be precise :D )

Anyway, jut wanted to let you know that I was THINKING OF YOU !
And that I always LOL when I remember you’re a Jew <3

Awesome Signing Out

1 comment:

  1. "I’ll meet you at the airport in 10 hours (your parents are driving lawl)"

    I love you loser. And when I come home you should be at the airport to meet me. (My parents will pick you up, of course)

    <3 <3 <3