Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Post # 2 (Chapters 7 -14)

1. Discuss the character of Claggart. How does his physical appearance relate to his internal character, as far as we know him?

As far is Claggart is concerned, the narrator paints a picture of a man who has pale skin, black hair, firm posture, and rigid bones. Let alone his character but, his physical appearance alone confirms that something about him seems to be not quite right. He is described to be naturally evil, which I find to be really ignorant. I don’t think that it’s possible for someone to be simply born immoral and malevolent because as a great man once said, “People are the product of their environments,” therefore I believe that someone or something must have caused Claggart’s crooked personality. But, as far as his physical appearance matching his inner character is concerned, they both point toward a sinister character. When I was a kid, I remember being told that the deadliest kind of hatred is silent hatred, the same kind of distaste that is resembled by Claggart. But overall, I think that it’s obvious that some sort of altercation between Claggart and Billy Budd will occur, it’s just a matter of time. Melville is clearly setting the stage for something to happen and my gut feeling is that Claggart ends up being a not-so-bad guy after all but, I’m not quite sure yet. At least that’s what SHOULD happen; otherwise this book will be dumb. But regardless of what happens next, I’m fairly certain that Claggart’s personality will eventually have a profound effect on the conclusion of the book. Also the strangest, if not, one of the most, strangest parts of the book so far would definitely have to be the moment where Billy spills the soup and Claggart walks by without seeming to show any form of discontent. It’s unusual because we later find out that Claggart does indeed not like Billy and the fact that he does not show it is kind of creepy.

Speaking of being evil by nature (Claggart).. it's common knowledge that ALL CLOWNS, HAPPY OR SAD, ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY EVIL AND SHOULD NEVER BE TRUSTED. Hence this picture

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  2. I agree with what you said in relating Claggart's appearance to his characteristics. Obviously, having good morals, you are sticking to what you commented on my blog saying how you should not judge a book simply by its cover. However, as I am reading the book, I do not feel like Claggart's attitude towards Billy will change much, in fact, there doesn't seem to be much evidence in the book to suggest why he would like Billy at all. His hatred seems to only be accumulating, especially with Squeak feeding him false information about Billy's dislike towards him. Furthermore, the narrator in the novel states that Claggart always had a malevolent nature, and you can see that this is true due to the fact that he does not truly have a reason to hate Billy, it is only out of pure jealousy.