Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Socratic Seminar Response

On Self-Respect was an interesting read, and unlike most other silly English readings, I was spared the drudgery, as I was able to grasp the concept of the essay and analyze it instantly. Joan Didion, for the most part, supported her reasoning on individuals’ self-respect or lack thereof, by relating her notions to abstract ideas. Examples include the feeling of not being able to sleep in peace because of the sole fact of not being happy with oneself, and not answering calls because one may have to be accountable for something. I somewhat agree with her on her comprehension of self-respect, to the extent that, self-guilt remains responsible for our actions towards others. The feeling of having to be answerable to others exhibits her idea as to what operates our consciousness, which would essentially be what influences our motives. This concept now enables us to differentiate between peoples of different backgrounds, as a great man once said, “People are the product of their environments.” Therefore it is key to emphasize the fact that the notion of self-respect is shaped by so many factors that one must realize that different people will have different interpretations of what they believe to be self-respect. Overall, after reading this piece I wondered, how much self-respect do I, in fact, have for myself? Then I suddenly realized that.. I am unbelievably awesome.

Awesome Signing Out

P.S. What was up with that article on weasels on the other side of the page? Were we supposed to read that too? :S ..

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